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#MayPasok - Sept. 21, 2017

September 20, 2017

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RCS: Please be reminded all official communications are coursed thru the following: School's Official Website (, Resurrection Catholic School, Bagbag, Novaliches (Facebook Page) and Parent Communication Line 09988642587 / 09328598907. Thank you!


I refer to you to the transmitted letter yesterday at 10AM. Further clarification: my advise is grounded on the earlier advisory from office of the Pres., although it isn't in harmony with the late advisory of the Mayor. Who's supreme: Pres. or Mayor? Moreover, the letter provides room for free but enlightened decision on the part of students with parents' guidance. If we schedule to hold classes today it is for their sons and daughters' best interest and gain. After all, we are far from venues of mass protests and there isn't any typhoon on the horizon.

– School Director


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