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Reminders & Guidelines During The Field Trip

November 16, 2016

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  • Assembly time at RCS is at 5:15 AM
  • Departure time at RCS is at 5:45 AM
  • Arrival time at RCS from field trip is at around 7:30 PM
  • Seats of the pupils without companion will be arranged by the class adviser. Pupils with companion who are able to arrange their seats prior to the trip will have pre-assigned seats. Lastly, companions who pay ahead of time can freely choose their seats.

Reminders and Guidelines During the Educational Field Trip

  1. Pupils should come to school wearing PE uniform with rubber shoes or sneakers. Please bring extra T-shirt (sports fest 2016 shirt).
  2. Pupils are expected to exhibit their best behavior at all times.
  3. Pupils must bring foods for snacks and lunch.
  4. Pupils are expected to dispose their litter properly.
  5. Pupils must bring their official receipts during the trip.
  6. Pupils are discouraged to bring large amount of money.
  7. Pupils should NOT wear expensive jewelry or bring gadgets.
  8. Pupils are encouraged to bring: cap, umbrella. plastic bags/vomit bag.
  9. Pupils are expected to strictly observe the “buddy system.” They should have their buddies with them wherever they go.
  10. Pupils under medication are reminded to bring their medicines during the field trip. The teacher-in-charge should be informed about this. First-aid kit and/or medicine especially for those with motion sickness are to be brought.
  11. Pupils are allowed to bring cameras for documentation and cellphones for communication purposes as long as they will be responsible for it.
  12. Pupils are grouped for specific activities. It is a must to stay where the group is assigned and situated.


We need your cooperation in order to have educational, enjoyable, and hassle free field trip for our children. May God bless us all!



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